Before & After

Office Closet
What wasn’t in this closet? This closet was so jam-packed that the sliding door couldn’t close. My client and I worked for almost two hours purging the closet’s contents. Once we figured out what everything was, my client decided she wanted to use the space primarily as a gift wrap station. We were able to distill everything down to a reasonable amount of gift wrap (using an existing paper holder) and some supplementary gift wrapping supplies like bows, ribbon, and cards (which we put in the drawers of the existing dresser). We also found a place for a few shopping bags, dedicated an upper shelf for important books, and filled a shelf on the small bookcase with extra office supplies. We organized everything so that my client will be able to easily see what she has and will know where to put things back after use.
life simplified front hall closet - before life simplified front hall closet -  after
Guest Bedroom
This room had become a dumping ground for any and all paperwork: books, magazines, mail, shopping bags, Christmas cards, etc.. My client wanted to turn this room back into what it was supposed to be: a guest bedroom for visiting relatives. We spent 3 hours sorting through all the piles of paperwork and moved in a bookcase from another room so that my client would have a place for the books and magazines that she decided to keep.
life simplified guest bedroom - before life simplified guest bedroom - after
Front Hall Closet
This front hall closet was the perfect storm; every family member used it, it was deep with high shelves and had a lot of un-used “ceiling” space, and there was only one clothing rod. The goal was to use the existing set-up since the client is renting. First we pulled everything out of the closet, sorted all the items by season, and then moved items such as tablecloths, kites, and aprons to other parts of the house. My client tried on all of her coats and purged the ones that no longer fit or were out of style. She also sorted through all of her childrens’ jackets and shoes and donated the items that her children had outgrown. We hung extra hooks on two walls for easy access to re-usable shopping bags, rain gear, and hats; we brought in suitcases that were previously being stored in bedroom closets and placed them on the top shelf to take advantage of the ceiling height; and we moved in a few pillows and sleeping bags to the second shelf in case of impromptu sleepovers in the adjacent living room.
life simplified closet - before life simplified closet - after
For this project, I worked with a client to clean out and organize her father’s office.  My client’s father had recently passed away and the project was too overwhelming for my client’s mother to tackle on her own.  We spent 6 hours sorting through books, financial paperwork, mementos and keepsakes, business gifts, electronics and computers, and office supplies.  We were then able to work with my client’s mother to decide what needed to be kept and what would be donated, recycled, and shredded.
life simplified office - before life simplified office - after


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