Head shot Lisa Young Hallenbeck
was started by Lisa Young Hallenbeck. Lisa has always had an affinity for organization, whether it was re-arranging the furniture in her dollhouse as a child, cleaning out her college friends’ wallets, or organizing her 20 years of “Martha Stewart Living” magazines by month.

Lisa worked part-time during high school and college in retail, including a small boutique specializing in french knitwear. She became an expert sweater folder and for fun would re-fold the entire store every time she worked; the store owners loved her for this quirky trait. 

More recently Lisa spent 15+ years working in Human Resources in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry with a focus on recruiting and employee relations. During her time in Human Resources, Lisa encountered every possible personality and dealt with some very bizarre workplace situations, and she soon realized her passion was no longer in Human Resources but in professional organizing. Lisa decided that, instead of helping people find employment and coaching them through work issues and career decisions, she would put her ”people skills” to better use by helping individuals clear their clutter, organize their “stuff”, and in the process simplify their lives.

When Lisa is not busy labeling her shoe collection or sorting through her daughters’ endless stream of school paperwork, she can be found in her kitchen canning tomatoes, stirring a big pot of jam, or cooking and baking for family and friends. Lisa also enjoys scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Lisa is a member of the following organizations and is currently working toward her certifications:

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