life:simplified provides professional organizing solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

lisa image twolife:simplified recognizes that people have stuff. We have stuff because it takes a lot of stuff to live in today’s world.

life:simplified believes that it’s okay to have stuff, and we do not insist on a minimalist lifestyle for our clients. If you love something or you use it every day, then by all means you should keep it to enjoy and use. The key to a simplified life is to make sure that you are only surrounded by the things that bring you joy and a feeling of calm. This is where life:simplified can help.

life:simplified’s approach to organizing is to work with our clients to:

    • clear their clutter
    • assist them in evaluating what they wish to keep
    • help them re-purpose, re-use, and donate / re-cycle the rest, and
    • set up easy-to-use systems for every area of the home 

… so that their stuff doesn’t end up overwhelming them again.

If you have a project that needs organizing, whether big or small, and you can’t seem to find the motivation to tackle it or you just don’t know where or how to start, life:simplified would love to work with you!

Please contact life:simplified today to learn more.